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Bad science press release of the week: UC Merced on Circadian clocks in bacteria

An ecosystem in my house? Yes indeed. And with microbes too. #BostonGlobe #microBEnet

Twisted tree of life award #11: National Geographic for emphasizing Five Kingdoms & no Bacteria/Archaea

Bacteria & archaea don't get no respect from interesting but flawed #PLoSBio paper on # of species on the planet

So psyched. Got my new artwork from @artologica .... Even better than I imagined from web pics

I'd like some open science please

Get to know Jack & the story behind the paper by @gilbertjacka "Defining seasonal marine microbial community dynamics"

Wow - back to the past with the AMCAS medical school application letter writing system

Some recent posts (of mine) from on microbes of the built environment that may be of interest

Open Parkinson's - Parkinson's UK pushing (and funding) openness #brilliant

Single annual cycle for the National Science Foundation's MCB, DEB and IOS Divisions.

More fun with Mendeley plug ins for reference management #thingsIshouldhaveknownabout

What is in a name? A case study of genomic epidemiology w/ Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis

Finally updated my blog template after, oh, five years

Open Parkinson's - need for more progress on Open Access for papers on Parkinson's

Fun with marketing #numerology

Hydrogen as a fuel? No this is not about cars, this is about animals and their symbionts in the deep sea

Organic farming and antibiotic resistant bacteria:

Uggh: "Barcoding" researchers keep ignoring microbes and history #antimicrobiites #annoying

New paper from my lab (& the Facciotti lab): Mauve Assembly Metrics #Halophiles #Genomics