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Today on "Express Yourself" Teen Radio - me - being interviewed about #Microbes & #OpenScience

Personalized Medicine World Conference 2015: 55 speakers 7 of which are women #YAMMM #StemWomen

#YAMMM Alert: Drug Discovery and Therapy World Congress, a meeting made for @realDonaldTrump & other men

Triclosan in toothpaste: potential risks are not a "rumor" as arrogant Colgate official argues, but are something to worry about

Story Behind the Paper: Comparative Analysis of Functional Metagenomic Annotation and the Mappability of Short Reads (by Rogan Carr and Elhanan Borenstein)

Notes from 2007 for a blog post I should have written: How many microbial cells in humans?

Don't forget to positively highlight meetings w/ "good" gender ratio of presenters

A distasteful & disgraceful "Are there limits to evolution?" meeting at the University of Cambridge #YAMMM

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes meeting #LAMG14

Fun read of the day: On whimsy, jokes, and beauty: can scientific writing be enjoyed?

Kudos to Tedmed for the gender ratio of speakers for this year's event

International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology - where men tell us about deep things

Story behind the paper: Bonnie Baxter on "A tale of salt and gender" #STEMWomen #Halophiles

Paperwork, paper pushing policies push people past pressure points

Nice letter to the editor in the Davis Enterprise taking on school district's anti-science tone

The US Postal Service Cares (actually this was kind of a nice gesture)

Science Journal SPAM of the Week: the Journal of HIV/AIDS from Sci Forschen